Allocation of Funds

Mississippi is participating in the national settlement and funds are split 3 ways:

15% – State dollars Placed in the State General Fund.

15% – Local dollars Sent directly to Counties/Municipalities (divided according to these percentages).

70% to the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s Center for Addiction Medicine (CAM) – To be used (from the MOU:) “to establish a new multidisciplinary program…”

The MOU describes short-term and long-term goals for the CAM funds. In the short term, CAM will establish a statewide patient-centered treatment program, leverage the University’s Center for Telehealth and existing and new partnerships, and address healthcare disparities in rural parts of the state. In the long term, CAM will become a hub for training healthcare providers in fields tied to substance use disorder (e.g., pharmacy, nursing, and emergency medicine). There hasn’t been any additional public information about CAM or how they have spent any of the money.

It looks likely that CAM is actually referring to the Center for Innovation and Discovery in Addictions (CIDA), the overarching addiction medicine program at the university. CIDA does offer MAT (buprenorphine and naltrexone) including a recently expanded TeleMAT program.

AG Lynn Fitch indicated that the State is prepared to meet the abatement requirement, thus “freeing up local governments to use their funds as they see fit without the national fund administrator micromanaging their use.” This leads us to believe that the 70% sent to CAM will be used for future abatement, the 15% State General Fund portion will be used for opioid abatement (future and/or reimbursements and attorney’s fees), and the 15% to Counties/Municipalities could be used for opioid abatement, or could be used for any purpose the County or Municipality chooses.

Show Me The Money

Distributor & Janssen Settlement: $203 million
McKinsey & Company:
$5 million
$36.9 million
$44.4 million
$26 million
Allergan: $18.3 million
$30 million
Endo: $9 million (but before the settlement could be finalized, Endo declared bankruptcy. MS continues to monitor the bankruptcy and will contact participating subdivisions when there is additional information.)
Mallinckrodt: $1.3 million
Purdue: Participating

Also see the Global Settlement Tracker.

Community Advocate Guide

Christine Minhee, J.D. of OpioidSettlementTracker.com and Vital Strategies released comprehensive guides on opioid settlement funds for all 50 states and the District of Columbia! Each guide contains essential information on total funding, legal mechanism(s) governing the process, and funding allocations in each state.

Check out the Mississippi Guide for more in depth information about the state’s plan for managing and allocating funds (info is current as of 4/24/23).