New York

Allocation of Funds

New York is participating in the national settlement and funds are split into several pots:

17.5% – State dollars Sent to the State, and may be allocated to localities at the discretion of the Office of the Attorney General.

46.11% – Local dollars These funds are split in several ways:

    • 5.4% to the Direct Share Subdivisions as “Direct Unrestricted Funds.”
    • 5.4% to the Direct Share Subdivisions for spending on Approved Uses (“Direct Restricted Funds”).
    • 6.68% to the County of Nassau for spending on Approved Uses.
    • 8.63% to the County of Suffolk for spending on Approved Uses.
    • 20% to the City of New York for spending on Approved Uses.

36.39% – Opioid Settlement Fund dollars Housed in the Opioid Settlement Fund and appropriated by the state legislature based on recommendations from the Opioid Settlement Fund Advisory Board.

    • 20% (of total funds) for discretionary spending on approved uses and for administration of the Opioid Settlement Fund.
    • 16.39% (of total funds) for Regional Spending on approved uses. Only NY Subdivisions may apply for these funds, and funds are distributed through the Local Government Unit (LGU) for each county in the region. See here for information about regional spending.
      • Of this amount, at least 1.89% shall be set aside for cities (other than NYC) with a population of more than 90,000.  

The Opioid Settlement Fund Advisory Board is tasked with providing recommendations on how Opioid Settlement Fund dollars should be spent, but they are merely advisory – the state legislature ultimately appropriates monies for use or distribution by state agencies. The Board meets at least quarterly and agendas always include time for in-person public comment. You can also submit comments by emailing Meetings are streamed live and recordings are available on their website. They publish an annual report that includes all of their recommendations.

Keep an eye on the Opioid Settlement Fund initiatives webpage for information about funding opportunities and guidance.

Show Me The Money

Distributors: $1.1 billion
Johnson & Johnson:
$230 million
McKinsey & Company:
$32 million
$58.5 million
Walgreens & CVS: $458.2 million
$116 million
Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walmart:
$26 million combined to Suffolk County and Nassau County
$523 million
$200 million
$19.1 million
$50 million
Purdue: At least $200 million (Settlement contingent on Supreme Court hearing)

Also see the Global Settlement Tracker.

Community Advocate Guide

Christine Minhee, J.D. of and Vital Strategies released comprehensive guides on opioid settlement funds for all 50 states and the District of Columbia! Each guide contains essential information on total funding, legal mechanism(s) governing the process, and funding allocations in each state.

Check out the New York Guide for more in depth information about the state’s plan for managing and allocating funds (info is current as of 5/8/23).