Allocation of Funds

Pennsylvania is participating in the national settlement and established the Pennsylvania Opioid Misuse and Addiction Abatement Trust which is divided into three accounts:

15% [The Commonwealth Account] – State dollars Deposited in the Opioid Settlement Restricted Account and are appropriated by the legislature.

15% [The Litigating Subdivision Account] – Local dollars Paid to Litigating Subdivisions.

70% [The County Abatement Account] – Local dollars Paid to Counties (based on allocation percentages in Exhibit 1)

    • Researchers at Penn State developed the formula to determine how funds will be allocated throughout the State. Notably, the final allocation formula required every county to receive a minimum of $1 million, ensuring that even smaller rural counties receive sufficient funds to invest in their communities.

The Trust is governed by a 13-member Board of Trustees and is tasked with reviewing expenditures by subdivisions that receive funds to ensure spending was consistent with Exhibit E. More information on the Trust membership and meetings can be found on their website.

The Trust meets at least quarterly and members of the public are able to attend, but there is no opportunity for public comment – participation is limited to members of the Trust and those they have explicitly invited to attend. Meeting minutes from previous meetings beginning in July 2022 are posted at the bottom of this page. Meetings beginning in March 2023 are live streamed and recordings are posted on their YouTube channel. You can pose questions to the Trust through their online contact form.

Also of note, 3 Pennsylvania leaders have been selected for the Opioid Solutions Leadership Network, a national cohort of county officials and leaders pursuing effective implementation of opioid settlement funds. This Network is managed by the National Association of Counties in partnership with Vital Strategies with the goal to equip county decision makers with tools and evidence-based solutions to address substance use disorder in their communities. The 3 leaders are:

  • Hon. Kevin Boozel, Butler County Commissioner
  • Scott Coughenour, Erie County, Executive Director, Office of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Hon. Donna Iannone, Sullivan County Commissioner

Show Me The Money

Distributor & Janssen Settlement: $1.07 billion
McKinsey & Company:
$25 million for Opioid Treatment Programs
$15 million
CVS: $196 million
$236 million
$123 million
$135 million
$82 million
$15.7 million
$225 million (Settlement contingent on Supreme Court hearing)

Also see the Global Settlement Tracker.

Community Advocate Guide

Christine Minhee, J.D. of and Vital Strategies released comprehensive guides on opioid settlement funds for all 50 states and the District of Columbia! Each guide contains essential information on total funding, legal mechanism(s) governing the process, and funding allocations in each state.

Check out the Pennsylvania Guide for more in depth information about the state’s plan for managing and allocating funds (info is current as of 6/6/23).