Allocation of Funds

Virginia is participating in the national settlement and money is split 3 ways (see MOU):

15% – State dollars Sent to the Commonwealth of Virginia and appropriated by the Governor and General Assembly.

55% – VOAA dollars – Housed in the Virginia Opioid Abatement Fund, managed and allocated by the Opioid Abatement Authority (OAA). These funds must be used for Approved Abatement Purposes.

30% – Local dollars Sent directly to participating political subdivisions, allocated based on Exhibit A (see page 23-25) – Half of these funds are unrestricted, and half are restricted for Approved Abatement Purposes.

    • Notably, the OAA instituted a “gold standard” policy that incentivizes jurisdictions to use their unrestricted funds as if they are restricted. If these standards are met, the jurisdiction will receive an additional 25% on top of their standard OAA distribution for that fiscal year.

The OAA can distribute money “in the form of grants, donations, or other assistance” but can only financially support efforts that are “conducted or managed by a Virginia state agency or Participating Political Subdivision” (i.e. community organizations cannot be funded directly). In practice, the OAA emphasizes the need for agencies and political subdivisions to collaborate with community organizations when submitting proposals. See here for more information about their grant process, and subscribe to their mailing list for updates.

The OAA holds regular meetings of the Grants Committee, Finance Committee, and with the full Board. Many meetings are in Richmond, but some occur in other localities or are fully virtual. Most meetings are also livestreamed and recordings made available on their website and YouTube channel. Public comment is allowed at most meetings, and they also held a series of listening sessions in 2023 to gather public input.

The OAA and Virginia Institute of Government are hosting bi-weekly webinars and some in-person workshops as part of their Abatement Academy to highlight examples of programs that align with nationally recognized principles for the use of funds from opioid litigation. The intended audience includes local government representatives, state agency professionals, and groups or individuals who provide services or support to people with opioid use disorders. Recordings of past presentations are available on their website.

Show Me The Money

Distributor & Janssen Settlement: $530 million
McKinsey & Company:
$13.68 million
Mallinckrodt: $3.4 million
Teva: $70 million
$40 million

$108 million
$117.4 million
$60 million
$9 million
Purdue: $80 million (Settlement contingent on Supreme Court hearing)
Kroger: $28 million

Also see the Global Settlement Tracker.

Community Advocate Guide

Christine Minhee, J.D. of and Vital Strategies released comprehensive guides on opioid settlement funds for all 50 states and the District of Columbia! Each guide contains essential information on total funding, legal mechanism(s) governing the process, and funding allocations in each state.

Check out the Virginia Guide for more in depth information about the state’s plan for managing and allocating funds (info is current as of 4/6/23).